⚠️WARNING: wise and gay bimbo ahead, proceed with caution! Do NOT feed nuggies! WILL become feral⚠️

This is an issue that ought to build solidarity, not division and apathy.

Piracy. It’s a crime.

Disclaimer: This short essay is not going to be discussing the details of production, the morality of piracy, nor is this a call out to anybody in particular. This essay is a discussion about culture and reassessing our approach to the discourse in general.

One of the things that have…

Social media sites force content creators to do click-bait, but it doesn’t have to be like this.

NOTE: Please watch these two videos first before continuing onward with the article. This article is primarily aimed at reaching other content creators or for those who have always wanted to make content online.

I took an entire class on this for my current BS for “Digital Audiences” at ASU (essentially learning how to manage, analyze and grow social media accounts), got certified for this very topic, and it still depresses and also inspires me how much of a challenge it is to get views on videos that I spend dozens or hundreds of hours on.

Here’s the good tea: if you truly want to fundamentally shift away from clickbait, you need to have companies like YouTube, FB, etc move away from a profit model. …

Art credit: https://twitter.com/chocoduki/status/881802613598990337?s=21

So you have a “why boner” for queers. That’s okay ❤

Content Warning: discussion on transphobia

I explored the concept that anime fans tend to spew out called: “traps”. It’s a controversial term because of the implications that it has for the mentality that genuinely transphobic people have. One thing that I will criticize about this passion project is that…

2018 was a bitch. 2019 could be worse, or better.

What I’ve learned is that you really do make the difference in your own life — given that you ask friends and family for help. I’ve learned that building community and relying on our neighbors and peers makes the unbearable…


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